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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doctor Who #11: Matt Smith

Matt Smith

DOB: Oct. 28, 1982
Where: Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Birth name: Matthew Robert Smith
Height: 5'11''

-When he was growing up, he was a talented football player, but due to a back injury, decided to pursue acting instead

-At age 27, he was and is the youngest one to be cast as Doctor Who. The youngest one to play Doctor Who was Peter Davison, who was 29 when he played Doctor Who in 1981
-Skilled at playing guitar

-He actually owns the tweed jacket the 11th doctor wears
-Is the first actor to play Doctor Who and be born after the death of Dr. Who #1, William Hartnell

Going for Gold, a movie he recently starred in

Womb. A movie about where a woman's boyfriend dies and she decides to bring him back to life by giving birth to a clone of him. This is probably the first movie where you'll ever see a Doctor Who actor naked

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  1. Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor, he is hilarious and serious at the same time. :) I am looking forward to the "Going for Gold" mini series, I think it is coming on BBC America sometime next month.