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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

This is my favorite one out of all 3 of them!!!!
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
-Long ago, in ancient China, Emperor Han was an evil man who wanted to live forever. He sent his men to find a sorceress named Zi Yuan who knew the secret to immortality. And when she performs the spell that he thinks will make him immortal, she is actually putting a curse on him in an ancient language he does not understand.

-In 1946, Rick and Evelyn O'Connell are invited by the British government to return an ancient relic, the "Eye of Shangri-La" back to it's rightful owners, China. This stone has unimaginable powers, including resurrecting the dead Emperor Han, pointing the way to the eternal pool of life. When they land in China, they run into their adult son Alex, who they believed was in school, but was actually busy trying to find the tomb of Han.

-They also find Jonathan, who has opened an Egyptian-themed nightclub in Shanghai. While there, they meet their professor friend, Roger Wilson. Little do they know that Wilson is working with a corrupt Chinese general named Yang, who wants to serve the Emperor as his second in command. He is trying to find the Eye to resurrect him.

-The group now head out to find the tomb, along with the help of a friend of Alex's, named Lin, who is secretly Zi's daughter. She says that in order to kill the Emperor, she must stab him through the heart with a cursed dagger. She leads them to the cave where the pool of life is, but not before being ambushed by Yang and his men, armed with submachine guns and bazookas.

-After the Emperor is allowed entry into the pool of life, he transforms into a dangerous 3 headed dragon. And since he can transform into any creature, capturing him is made harder. And to fight him is also hard, because he can control the 5 elements: wood, metal, fire, water, earth.

-Brendan Fraser: Rick O'Connell
-Maria Bello: Evelyn O'Connell
-Jet Li: Emperor Han
-John Hannah: Jonathan Carnahan
-Michelle Yeoh: Zi Yuan
-Luke Ford: Alex O'Connell
-Isabella Leong: Lin
-Anthony Wong Chau-Sang: General Yang
-Russell Wong: Ming Guo
-David Calder: Roger Wilson
-Jessey Meng: Choi
-Albert Kwan: Chu Wah

Did You Know?
-In the movie, the device that starts a trap by dropping a marble from a dragon's mouth to a dragon's mouth is based on the first seismic device created by Chang Heng to detect earthquakes in ancient China
-In the scene where the traps are activated in the tomb of the Emperor are based on reality. Attempts to explore the tomb of the Terracotta Army are going slow because of similar traps

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