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Thursday, July 26, 2012

13 Ghosts

Thir13en Ghosts
-Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shaloub) and his 2 kids Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) and Bobby (Alec Roberts) inherit a strange glass house owned by his uncle Cyrus (F. Murray Abraham). This glass house is also a prison home to twelve different ghosts. When they enter the house, accompanied by a nanny and attorney, they find themselves trapped in the house at the mercy of the ghosts. They are also victim to a machine that is said to be run by the devil and powerd by the dead, to open the so-called "Eye of Hell". They are helped by a ghost hunter named Dennis (Matthew Lillard) and his rival Kalina (Embeth Davidtz), who wants to set the spirits free. They must all work together to escape the house unharmed
-Tony Shaloub: Arthur Kriticos
-Embeth Davidtz: Kalina Oretzia
-Matthew Lillard: Dennis Rafkin
-Shannon Elizabeth: Kathy Kriticos
-Alec Roberts: Bobby Kriticos
-JR Bourne: Benjamin Moss
-Rah Digga: Maggie Bess
-F. Murray Abraham: Cyrus Kriticos
-Matthew Harrison: Damon
-Daniel Wesley: Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino
Did You Know?
-The special effects and sounds were so complex people found this movie physically painful to sit and watch
-The effect for "The Torso" was created by using a black hood to achieve the effect of digitally removing his head
-"Tha Angry Princess"(Shawna Loyer) took 5 hours to apply the makeup for
-From the original script, the people needed special glasses to see the ghosts. This is one of the few details kept the same from the old one
-On one of the walls in the glass house, the Lord's Prayer is etched in the glass
-The 12 ghosts of the Black Zodiac all have their own story
 1. The First Born Son: Billy Michaels was a fan of cowboy movies, so one day a neighbor challenged him to a duel and since it was not meant for him to die, a steel arrow shotout Billy's playtoy ended up in the back of his head
 2. The Torso: Is the ghost of a character named Jimmy Gambino who was a gambler. He bet on a boxer, who lost, and he got cut up into pieces by the mob, and he is forced to walk on his hands, while his head rests in a plastic bag screaming
 3. The Bound Woman: Was a cheerleader named Susan LeGrow, who has a talent for seducing guys and dumping them. When her boyfriend found her cheating, he killed her and strangled the other guy.  She was buried on the 50 yard line and she is seen in her prom dress with her arms behind her back
 4. The Withered Lover: Arthur's wife, Jean Kriticos. She was burned badly trying to save her fmaily from a house fire. She later died of her wounds in the hospital. She is not a vengeful ghost, but rather a benevolent one, helping her family. She appears in a hospital gown, with an IV hooked up to her and her face burned. But at the end, she appears fully healed.
 5. The Torn Prince: Royce Clayton was a talented baseball player with attitude issues. In 1957, he challenged a greaser named Johnny to a drag race and his car flipped out of control and crashed. His gohst carries a baseball bat and in his cubicle his crashed car is seen
 6. The Angry Princess: Dana Newman did believe she was pretty. Her abusive boyfriends dragged her already low self-esteem down farther, which led to her getting plastic surgery to fix her so-called 'defects'. She managed to get hired on at a plastic surgery office, getting paid in treatments than cash. She killed herself in the tub with a butcher's knife. She appears naked, with all the wounds on her body
 7. The Pilgrimess: Isabella Smith is an Englishwoman from colonial times who settled in New England. After animals began dying mysteriously around her, she was accused of witchcraft and as punishment, she was left in a burning barn, which she miraculously escaped. Then she was sentenced to the stocks(device that locks your hands on either side of your head) until she died of starvation. Her ghost is still seen in the stocks.
 8. The Great Child: Harold Shelburne was her son, born of rape. He went on to weigh 300 pounds, and has a child-like mentality, to the point of wearing diapers. His ghost has a bib on him with food stains
 9. The Dire Mother: Margaret Shelburne was an attraction in a carnival because she was only 3' high. She was raped by a carnival freak called "The Tall Man".
 10. The Hammer: George Markley was an African American blacksmith who was wronfully convicted of stealing from a white man in the 1890s. His wife and kids were hung to death and he got revenge by getting a sledgehammer and beating the culprits to death. His ghost is seen with railroad spikes sticking out from his body and for a left hand, a sledgehammer
 11. The Jackal: Ryan Kuhn was born in 1887 to a prostitute. He had an unhealthy appetite for women, rape and killing prostitutes.  He wanted to be cured, so he went to the Borehamwood Asylum to cure himself, but after attacking a nurse, he was put into a straightjacket and a padded room. He eventually went insane from isolation and started scratching at the wall so violently his fingernails were torn off. He managed to gnaw through the jacket until the doctors put a metal cage on his head. His ghost appears with his arms free and his cage broken
 12. The Juggernaut: Ghost of a serial killer named Horace "Breaker" Mahoney. He is 7' tall, His mother ditched him at birth, his father put him to work in a junkyard crushing cars. He soon went mad, picking up female hitchhikers, tearing them apart with his bare hands and feeding them to his dogs. His ghost shows the bullet holes in his body and the wound that killed him.

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