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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


-2009 thriller film
-Stars Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter
-Tells the story of an office temp named Lisa who falls into dangerous love with her boss Derek and tries to seduce him. His wife Sharon suspects an affair because of this
-People say it might have been a problem with interracial romance in this film because Lisa was white and Derek and Sharon were black

Did You Know?
-LL Cool J was originally chosen to play the role of Derek Charles
-The backless red dress Lisa wears is made from scratch
-Derek Charles(Idris Elba) is the Exec. Vice President of a finance company called Gage Bendix. He and his wife Sharon(Beyonce Knowles) both have an infant son named Kyle(Nathan and Nicholas Myers). At work, Derek sometimes flirts with new temp Lisa Sheridan(Ali Larter), who later on, tries to seduce him nonstop. He constantly rejects her, but Lisa still tries to seduce him and attempts to have sex with him at the Christmas party and she flashes him in his car. Derek intends to report Lisa to human resources. but learns she has quit her job. Derek and his employees visit a resort for a work conference, where he sees Lisa. He approaches her, who spikes his drink. Intoxicated by the drink, he is helpless when Lisa follows him to his hotel room and kisses him. Later on, he finds her lying in his bed after an attempted suicide by drug overdose. After repeatedly trying to reach Derek on his phone, Sharon finds Derek at the hospital, and suspects he and Lisa are seeing each other, as Lisa suggests. Sharon kicks out Derek and he moves into an apartment

-One night, while Sharon and Derek are out to dinner, Lisa breaks into their house and tells the babysitter(Scout Taylor-Compton) that she is one of Sharon's friends. She grabs Kyle and runs. When Derek and Sharon come home, they find Kyle has been abducted. Derek goes to his car with the hope to pursue Lisa, only to find Kyle sitting in the backseat. They take Kyle to thte hospital for a check up. After returning home, they find Sharon's face removed from the family photo and the bedroom trashed. Sharon then finds a threatening message on her phone from Lisa, saying she and Derek have set up a home alarm system. Lisa learns Derek and Sharon will be out of town; Sharon is leaving that afternoon and Derek is leaving the next morning. While Sharon is going to pick up her son Kyle, she remembers she forgot to set the alarm system and returns home. Elsewhere, Lisa breaks into Derek's and Sharon's house and decorates the master bedroom with rose petals. While she is setting the alarm, Sharon hears Lisa in the bedroom. She tells Lisa that she's calling the cops, but Lisa proves to be very dangerous and tackles Sharon to the floor. Lisa elbows Sharon in the face and tries to throw her over the stair banister while choking her. Sharon lunges forward and they fight, with Lisa knocking out Sharon. Derek calls the police and Lisa answers and later she calls a person named Det. Reese(Christine Lahti) and leaves his office

-Lisa runs to the attic, and Sharon chases after her. Sharon leads Lisa to a weak spot in the attic, thus causing Lisa to fall through. Sharon reaches out, attempting to take Lisa's hand to pull her up, only to have Lisa pull Sharon down with her instead of accepting help. Seeing the floor crumble, Sharon moves and lets Lisa go, falling onto a chandelier, breaking her fall, but lets go and falls onto the glass dining table. Finally the chandelier falls onto her, killing her. Derek and Det. Reese arrive as Sharon is leaving the house. Derek and Sharon embrace each other as the detective goes in to investigate Lisa's involvement
  • Idris Elba as Derek Charles, Executive Vice President of Gage Bendix and the protagonist
  • BeyoncĂ© Knowles as Sharon Charles, Derek's wife and the deuteragonist
  • Ali Larter as Lisa Sheridan, a temp worker who becomes dangerously obsessed with Derek and the antagonist
  • Nathan and Nicolas Myers as Kyle Charles, Derek and Sharon's son
  • Christine Lahti as Detective Monica Reese, policewoman who investigates Lisa's case
  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Samantha, the Charles' babysitter
  • Jerry O'Connell as Ben, an office colleague of Derek's
  • Bruce McGill as Joe Gage, Derek's boss
  • Matthew Humphreys as Patrick, Derek's assistant
  • Richard Ruccolo as Hank, the human resource manager of Gage Bendix
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