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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doctor Who #9: Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston

DOB: Feb. 16, 1964
Where: Salford, Lancashire, England
Height: 6'

-Deep voice
-Supporter of Manchester United soccer(football) club
-After the show was made in 1963, he was the first to play the character Dr. Who and be born after the show's creation
-Passed a driving test in Jan. 2004, but can only drive an automatic
-Fond of running

-Shallow Grave: David Stephens

-Lennon Naked: John Lennon

-28 Days Later: Major Henry West

-Gone in Sixty Seconds: Raymond Calitri

-The Invisible Circus: Wolf

-A Price Above Rubies: Sender Horowitz

-Jude: Jude Fawley

-Cracker: DCI David Bilborough

-Elizabeth: Duke of Norfolk

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