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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


One of my favorite Disney movies

-Tarzan is a boy raised by apes, specifically Kala. Living in the jungle is all he knows. Until one day, when a man and his daughter come to the jungle to study apes. It is Professor Porter and his daughter Jane, who are scientists from London who have come to study apes. Coming with them is a brutal bodyguard named Clayton.

-All his life, Tarzan believed he was ape. But when he sees humans for the first time, he is confused as to what family he truly belongs.
-Brian Blessed: Clayton
-Glenn Close: Kala
-Minnie Driver: Jane
-Tony Goldwyn: Tarzan
-Nigel Hawthorne: Professor Porter
-Lance Henriksen: Kerchak
-Wayne Knight: Tantor
-Alex D. Linz: Young Tarzan
-Rosie O'Donnell: Terk

Did You Know?
-The set of teacups and teapot bear a close resemblance to Mrs. Potts and her teacup kids from Beauty and the Beast
-When Prof. Porter gets lifted upside down by the gorillas, a beanbag toy of Little Brother from Mulan falls out of his pocket
-Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen were considered for the role of Clayton, but Brian Blessed got it because of his deep, booming voice
-To imagine how Tarzan's body would look sliding down vines. animators used skateboarder Tony Hawk's movements as a model

-First Disney movie to have a one word title

-Phil Collins, a famous rock singer, was chosen to write most of the music for the movie, so it could get away from the "showtune" typecast Disney had fallen into

-The "Tarzan yell" was done by Brian Blessed, who voices the villain in the film

-This is the first Disney movie where someone dies. When Clayton is trying to kill Tarzan, he gets a vine around his neck by mistake. When Tarzan tries to save him, Clayton slips and falls, with the vine around his neck, his neck breaks and he dies.

-One of the animators had a son who was into surfing and skateboarding and decided to use those movements and channel them into the movie



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