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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2

-Po Ping is an obese panda who has made his dream of becoming a kung fu master true. While living in the Valley of Peace, he now serves as the Dragon Warrior. One day, he and the rest of the Furious Five learn that the dreaded Lord Shen is threatening the land, with a weapon he hopes will end kung fu for all eternity. With this in mind, Po battles with flashbacks of this character and tries to attain inner peace as well
Did You Know?
-Master Croc at one point jumps into the air and lands in a split. This is a trademark position of the actor who voices him, Jean-Claude Van Damme, who practices martial arts
-Lord Shen is considered to be a very unique character. The red spots on him is significant. In China, white is the color of death, it is significant to his character being a murderer, and the red symbolizes emotions, such as love, which he felt for his parents who he thinks rejected him
-The type of techniques Lord Shen uses is something called Cai Li Fo, a type of martial art using a metal fan for defense and distraction.

-Jack Black

-Angelina Jolie

-Lucy Liu

-Jackie Chan

-Dustin Hoffman
-Seth Rogen

-David Cross

Lord Shen
-Gary Oldman

Mr. Ping
-James Hong

-Michelle Yeoh

Wolf Boss
-Danny McBride

Master Storming Ox
-Dennis Haysbert

Master Croc
-Jean-Claude Van Damme

Master Thundering Rhino
-Victor Garber

Mop Bunny
-April Hong

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