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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rush Hour 2

Rush Hour 2
-Det. Carter and Inspector Lee are back. This time, the 2 are in Hong Kong, on vacation. But, unfortunately, business calls. While Carter wants to meet beautiful Chinese women, Lee ends up taking a case investigating the murder of 2 men at the American Embassy in Hong Kong. He believes a local Triad lord is responsible.

-As the 2 investigate more, they find that counterfeiting is involved, between an L.A. crime boss named Steven Reign and a local Triad boss named Ricky Tan. As the movie goes on, it is revealed that Ricky Tan had something to do with the murder of Lee's father. That is the reason he is investigating this case: it is the last case his father did before he died. They also run into a US Customs agent named Isabella who is investigating the counterfeit.

-The case sends them to Vegas, to a casino called The Red Dragon, which Ricky Tan owns. There they find a beautiful, yet dangerous woman named Hu Li who is Tan's partner in crime. In China, she, disguised, delivered a package containing a bomb to the US Embassy.

-Later on, when Lee confronts Hu Li in the casino, she plants a small, but powerful bomb in his mouth to keep him from talking and she can detonate it at the touch of a button. When Carter finds Lee, he spits the bomb out and they go to look for Tan, but not before Carter is in a martial arts fight with Li. He ends up winning and they go to look for Tan. They find him in his office, where they learn that he had faked his death on his boat in China and before they can find out anything else, Hu Li bursts into the room, shooting Tan and sending him out the window. Hu Li has found the grenade and starts coming toward them, intending to detonate the bomb. Carter and Lee run towards the open window and jump out it just as she blows it up.

-Jackie Chan: Chief Inspector Lee
-Chris Tucker: Det. James Carter
-John Lone: Ricky Tan
-Ziyi Zhang: Hu Li
-Roselyn Sanchez: Isabella Molina
-Alan King: Steven Reign
-Harris Yulin: Agent Sterling
-Kenneth Tsang: Captain Chin
-Lisa LoCicero: Receptionist
-Maggie Q: Girl in Car
-Patricia Chan: Club Hostess
-Gelbert Coloma: Karaoke singer
-Lucy Lin: Heaven on Earth Hostess
-Cindy Lu: Heaven on Earth hostess #2
Did You Know?
-In the yacht scene, Roselyn Sanchez had seasickness, which helped make her appear very uninterested in Chris Tucker's advances
-When Carter and Lee were sliding down the wire of Chinese lanterns, there was an actual car chase going on. A group of drunken tourists had gotten into a fight with a taxi driver and took off, narrowly missing crew members and equipment. They were later arrested by police
-When Chris Tucker starts joking that Asians always panic and point out Godzilla, he says "Hayaku! Hayaku!" Which in Japanese means "faster! faster!"
-Chris Tucker did not want to do the karaoke scene singing Michael Jackson. So director Brett Ratner told the camera crew to secretly film him and not tell Tucker
-Since Ziyi Zhang could not speak English very well, Jackie Chan had to have her lines translated into Chinese

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