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Monday, July 9, 2012

Shark Tale Characters

Shark Tale

-Will Smith
-Owes 5,000 clams to Mr. Sykes, his boss, and manager of the Whale Wash
-Wants to be rich and live on the top of the reef
-Always coming up with schemes

-Jack Black
-A great white shark
-Closet vegetarian
-Can't handle eating meat
-Son of Mob boss Don Lino

-Renee Zellweger
-Oscar's best friend
-Helps out Oscar in a pinch

-Angelina Jolie
-Seductive, mainpulative, gold digger lionfish
-Thinks Oscar has money and is only interested in that

Mr. Sykes
-Martin Scorsese
-Oscar's boss at the Whale Wash
-Owes 5,000 clams to Don Lino
-Loan shark

Ernie and Bernie
-Ziggy Marley and Doug E. Doug
-2 Jamaican jellyfish
-Syke's henchmen
-Enjoy tormenting Oscar

Doug E. Doug

Ziggy Marley

-Michael Imperioli
-Other son of Don Lino
-More savage and brutal than Lenny
-Is humiliated and embarrassed by Lenny's veggie eating ways


-Vincent Pastore
-Lino's left and right hand man
-An octopus
-Has a problem with stating the obvious
-Kind of slow on the uptake sometimes

Don Lino
-Robert De Niro
-Leader of the mob sharks
-Lenny and Frankie's dad
-Is the film's main bad guy
-Training Lenny and Frankie to take over the family

Don Ira Feinberg
-Peter Falk
-Old leopard shark
-Friends with Don Lino
-At the shark HQ, sings bad karaoke

Crazy Joe
-David P. Smith
-Oscar's best friend
-Hermit crab
-Lives in a dumpster near the Whale Wash

Katie Current
-Kati Couric
-Obnoxious local reporter

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