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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where Is This Summer Going?

OMG, where is this summer going?  I started this semester in school not too long ago and now it seems it is almost over!! Wow, time flies when you're having fun, I guess. Omg, I probably already told everyone this, but my teacher for this writing class looks EXACTLY like Bradley Walsh from Law and Order: UK, too hilarious. They look almost one in the same, lmao!!! No lie either. Now, if I had a teacher that looked like Jamie Bamber however, I'd get nothing done; I'd be staring at the teacher, all goo-goo eyed, like an idiot!
Summer is nearly half over, for crying out loud! Before anyone knows it, winter will be back!! I don't like winter, it sucks!!! Cold weather, icy ground, snow! Oooooh, snow!! I HATE SNOW!!! It makes trying to catch the bus in the morning 20 times harder because you have to worry about snow covering black ice(ice you can't see).

Summer is passing me by me like a cloud and I don't even know it. Summer is time for concerts, which I have yet to do. I'm hoping to God above that I can go to at least one other concert in my life, 2 wouldn't be so bad. I already missed Def Leppard, which stinks 'cuz I love that band.
Stupid not having money! I have very little money right now, 'cuz I just shelled out $1200 to help pay for a new air conditioner. My sister brags she shelled out some too, what? $600 is all she gave. Stingy little monster. Anymore, I'm getting tired of her! All shes does is spend time with her boyfriend Gary, who might I add, is a total mama's boy! I don't care what she says, he is a total mama's boy. She goes to school and sees him and she talks to him later on that night on the phone. She spends 3+ hours on the phone with him after just seeing him that day! WTF could she be talking to him about on the phone for 3+ hours? IDK, but I'm getting real tired of him real quick! I liked it better when she did not have a boyfriend and when she said she was going out with friends, she truly meant she was going out with friends. Anymore, when she says she's "going out with friends", I know she and her stupid boyfriend are going out. It's getting to be hell with her. Apparently, my mom already told her that if she gets pregnant, it'll be her fault and she'll have to either: quit school, raise the baby and get a full time job, get an abortion or give it up for adoption. People say my sister is nice. I say that's a slight load of bull! She's nice some of the time, but when she's with her, pardon my French, dumb-ass boyfriend, she will take his side rather than the side of her family. So, you know what? Screw her! I'm tired of her doing everything with her boyfriend. If she keeps doing stupid stuff like she's doing, she's going to have a reputation as a girl loose with her legs, like a girl she graduated high school with, Elizabeth. That girl got pregnant with a girl named Evelyn and now Elizabeth is pregnant again! This time by a different guy. she has had several boyfriends over the years and has had sex with each one, unprotected sex, might I add. I don't want my sister to be a two-bit whore like her, but the way she's acting now, I'm afraid that might happen.
Sorry to be venting, I'm just getting so, pardon my French again, so damn tired of my stupid sister acting like this guy is Mr. Wonderful. Well, believe me, he's not! When they first started dating, he told her she has to act smart, his mom don't like blondes, and whatever. When my sis met his mom, she said he was nothing like that. She was nice, cooked great food and wanted to get to know Jessie, my sister's name.

But, anywho, I'm really hoping that the Stones come here. I heard they're planning a new tour and possibly a new album. I like them and I really wanna see them perform live. I'll probably be the youngest chick there, but... who cares!! I might go with a friend of mine if she isn't already going with her boyfriend. If me and her are going, we are gonna go get psyched at seeing one of our mutual fave bands play songs like Love is Strong,  Gimme Shelter, Happy, or You Got Me Rocking. If they are planning on releasing a new album, I'm soooooooooooooooo gonna check it out and possibly buy it, lmao!!

And in other things, I recently had to do an assignment for my writing class. I chose to do it on stereotypes. Man, were there a lot of them!! The majority of the ones I saw were against people of the ethnicity of the people in the above photo. British stereotypes! WTF? Man, people really don't like these people, do they?

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