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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rush Hour

Rush Hour

-In Los Angeles, the Chinese Consul Han, is preparing to open a museum to exhibit 300 years of artifacts of China's history. One day, the Consul's daughter is taken by a crime lord known only as 'Juntao'. In order to find her, he enlists the help of a good friend of his, a Hong Kong Detective named Inspector Lee. He is to meet Los Angeles police officer James Carter and the two are assigned to the case.
-At first, it's an issue of severe culture clash, as the laid back Inspector Lee does not agree with the high wired, loud mouthed LA officer. But over time, they begin to respect the ways each other works. They both must work together to save the little girl, named Soo Young. Carter's initial assignment was to keep the Hong Kong cop as far away from the case as possible, but that does not work out, as Carter soon begins to worry about the girl possibly dying in the hands of the crime lord and the local Triad gangsters.

-The two cops finally meet 'Juntao' at the opening gala for the Chinese art museum. They learn he has been counterfeiting money and planned to use it to steal more historical relics from China.

-Ken Leung: Sang
-Jackie Chan: Inspector Lee
-Tom Wilkinson: Griffin
-Tzi Ma: Consul Han
-Michael Chow: Dinner guest
-Julia Hsu: Soo Yung
-Chris Tucker: Officer Carter
-Chris Penn: Clive
-Roger Fan: Soo's bodyguard
-George Cheung: Soo's driver
-Lucy Lin: Expo official
-Yan Lin: Consul Secretary(credited as Yan Ling)

Did You Know?
-Very little of Chris Tucker's lines were scripted. As always, he improvised many of his lines
-David Morse was considered for the role of Thomas Griffin, but instead it was suggested that a British actor should play a British role

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