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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Something Else I Love But Have Too Many Of...

Beanie Babies!

I'm a freakin' Beanie Baby addict I have so many, but I love them so much!!! I want them all because they're all so darn cute!!!

Oasis the Tiger

Burrows the Meerkat

Groovy the Peace Bear

Rainbow the Chameleon

Flashy the Peacock

Howl the Wolf

Gobbles the Turkey

Clover the Bear

Vines the Monkey

Pinchers the Lobster. I have this one.

Smooch the Bear

Early the Robin

Clubby the Bear

Inky the Octopus

Swoop the Pterodactyl

Rover the Dog. And this one

Ringo the Raccoon. My sister has this one

Bananas the Monkey

Patti the Platypus. I have this one too
Rusty the Red Panda

Strut the Rooster

Lips the Fish

Brutus the Rottweiler

Iggy the Iguana

Ewey the Lamb

Tangles the Cat

Peppermint the Bear

Radar the Bat

Buzzie the Bee

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