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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doctor Who Men

Just a little heads up, you might see a series of posts on the guys who have portrayed the famous character Doctor Who. So, if you're a major Doctor Who fan, here ya go :D

This goes in order of Doctor Who roles. Fro example, William Hartnell was the first Doctor Who and now Matt Smith is the newest Doctor Who. And I never at all knew that Doctor Who has been on since the 60s or 70s. That's pretty cool. It's especially good if you're a lover of sci-fi TV.

1. William Hartnell

2. Patrick Troughton

3. John Pertwee

4. Tom Baker

5. Peter Davison

6. Colin Baker

7. Sylvester McCoy

8. Paul McGann

9. Christopher Eccleston

10. David Tennant
For those who watch Top Gear UK, is it my imagination or does this Doctor Who strangely resemble, just a little, one of the hosts of Top Gear UK?

11. Matt Smith

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  1. I am a major fan of the new series! I love it, probably my favorite TV series. :) I agree, Tennant does look a little like Richard from Top Gear. Also have you watched much the Doctor Who series?