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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Even More Beanie Babies...

Beanie Babies!!!!

I just love these little cuties more than anything, lol! I want to get all these babies!!!!!

Chocolate the Moose

Scoop the Pelican

Osito the Bear. If you don't speak Spanish, 'Osito' means 'baby bear'. My sister has this one


Stilts the Stork

Trumpet the Elephant

Scorch the Dragon

Mac the Cardinal

Weenie the Dachshund

Ants the Aardvark. I have this one. Picked it up at a flea market for $.99

Sandy the Labrador Retriever

Freckles the Leopard. I have this one too!!

Skunkers the Skunk

Spooky the Ghost

Hoot the Owl

Spunky the Cocker Spaniel. I have this one too!

Sly the Fox

Roxie the Reindeer

Pinky the Flamingo. Both me and my sister have this one

Peekaboo the Turtle

Prickles the Hedgehog

Nuts the Squirrel. My sister has this one! She never lets it out of her sight, for fear our mom might steal him he's so cute!!

Kuku the Cockatoo

Jake the Duck. I love ducks

Honks the Goose

Hissy the Snake

Halo the Angel Bear. My mom has this one

Crunch the Shark

Congo the Gorilla

Big Kis the Hippo. I have this one too. It's so cute, with it's big nose

Beak the Kiwi Bird

Roam the Buffalo

Pinata the Mexican Bear. My sister also has this one

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