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Monday, July 2, 2012

July Birthdays

I want to give a big, huge Happy Birthday shout-out to the following people:

Princess Diana
-DOB: July 1, 1961
-Where: Sandringham, Norfolk, England
-Was going to be: 52
Jerry Hall
-DOB: July 2, 1956
-Where: Gonzales, Texas
-Going to be: 57

Bill Cosby
-DOB: July 12, 1937
-Where: Philadelphia, Pennsyvania
-Going to be: 75
Diana Rigg
-DOB: July 20, 1938
-Where: South Yorkshire, England
-Going to be: 74
Estelle Getty
-DOB: July 25, 1923
-Where: New York City, New York
-Was going to be: 88

Carlos Santana
-DOB: July 20, 1947
-Where: Jalisco, Mexico
-Going to be: 65

J.K. Rowling
-DOB: July 31, 1965
-Where: Gloucestershire, England
-Going to be: 47

Phyllis Diller
-DOB: July 17, 1917
-Where: Lima, Ohio
-Going to be: 95
Sylvester Stallone
-DOB: July 6, 1946
-Where: New York City, New York
-Going to be: 66
Daniel Radcliffe
-DOB: July 23, 1989
-Where: London, England
-Going to be: 23

Nelson Mandela
-DOB: July 18, 1918
-Where: Mvezo, South Africa
-Going to be: 94

Mick Jagger
-DOB: July 26, 1943
-Where: Dartford, Kent, England
-Going to be: 69
Wesley Snipes
-DOB: July 31, 1962
-Where: Orlando, Florida
-Going to be: 50

David Warner
-DOB: July 29, 1941
-Where: Lancashire, England
-Going to be: 71

Patrick Stewart
-DOB: July 13, 1940
-Where: West Yorkshire, England
-Going to be: 72

Giorgio Armani
-DOB: July 11, 1934
-Where: Placenza, Italy
-Going to be: 78

Ringo Starr
-DOB: July 7, 1940
-Where: Liverpool, England
-Going to be: 72

Willem Dafoe
-DOB: July 22, 1955
-Where: Appleton, Wisconsin
-Going to be: 57

Hume Cronyn
-DOB: July 18, 1911
-Where: London, Ontario, Canada
-Was going to be: 102

-DOB: July 25, 1955
-Where: Mogadishu, Somalia
-Going to be: 57

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