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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Weekend is Here! So What!

If I sound oh so excited for the weekend, I'm really not. I'm just hiding the fact I'm dreading it under happiness. Ay yi yi, so much drama in the little Stones girl household! My step dad is acting like an enormous kid, won't stop encouraging his, pardon my French, dumb-ass nephew to stop bugging my mom. I swear this kid is freaking mental!!! He's as dumb as a post, he acts younger than his actual age, and the main thing: HE NEVER LISTENS! You tell him not to do something, he stands there and still does it anyway.

Like last night, me, my mom, grandma, step dad were all sitting outside with his cousins Randy and Alice, and they were talking about their upcoming trip to Holland. They travel a lot and anyway, they were talking about this trip, they're really excited for it and my step dad's nephew has some kind of fascination with wanting to climb the chimney of his house. We all are telling him "Nick, don't do that. You're gonna get hurt." But does he listen? Hell no, he doesn't. He gets up there and sitting there, pretty much mocking us. I'm started to get pretty damn annoyed of this kid. His grandparents spoil this kid rotten. He's 10 and he already has an iPod Nano. Most kids my age didn't get an iPod Nano until 16. What the hell is a 10 year old going to do with an iPod? Most kids don't discover what kind of music they like at least until 13 or 14. And to boot, this kid also has a Nook. Which for those of you who may or may not know, a Nook is an electronic tablet for reading electronic books or e-books. He has these sound effects downloaded on it and there's this one that really hurts my ears. It's this blood curdling, ear-shattering scream. He would constantly press it, filling the room with a scream that would put a Banshee to shame. I ask him nicely to stop doing it and he keeps doing it. I finally ended up shouting "Nick stop it! Otherwise I'm throwing that Nook into the pool!" Of course, I got my back end reamed in for saying that. Nick is the 'pride and joy' there; he can do no wrong. But for some reason, he never tells his nephew to stop bugging the hell out of us.

And for some reason, I think this weekend is going to be VERY long. To add insult to injury, my step dad is pretty much constantly reminding everyone of the "gift" my mom is giving him for their anniversary: a colonscopy. He has to get this done to check for colon cancer. And of course, always the joker, my step dad is joking about it. You know, after a while, the jokes get real old, real fast. I see what my mom goes through with his joking and I don't know what to do. I'm really afraid they'll divorce. I don't want that. I already went through the divorce of my mom and dad, I don't want another divorce too!! And plus, with September coming fast, we're all gearing up for a very much needed vacation. We're all going to Mexico. I think we all really need to recharge. We all have our private hells we're in: Me not finding a job; my step dad and money troubles and stupid people at work; My mom possibly losing her job to a younger, more inexperienced person and money troubles; and my sister, nothing seems to bother her. We all have our passports and we all joke around about the photos. My step dad is convinced he looks like a mobster, in which he certainly does not, my mom was smiling funny in her photo because my step dad was cracking jokes, mine was good because the glasses I normally wear have Transitions lenses in them that turn to sunglasses outside and regular glasses inside and I was tan, and my sister was smiling funny as well because she was thinking of something funny. My step dad jokes around with her and my mom about not getting into Mexico with photos like that.

After this fighting, sometimes I feel like there was something I should have done, but what can I do? I mean, I'm getting just as annoyed of this kid as my mom is, but I can't tell him off. He'll go running to his drunken lush of a mother anyway. When my grandma's sister Rita was still alive, she barely took care of her. It was me, my mom and step dad taking care of her, cleaning her up, getting her to the bathroom, walking her to HER house. But what was my step dad's sister Carol doing? Drinking! She drinks like a fish! She's constantly drunk. And this really pisses me off! When all of us were clearing out the backyard, to open the pool, she said she was going to help us. But she was not present. She was at a yard sale with this stoner, lush friend of hers named Jackie. She was out and about while we were all breaking our backs in the yard, sweeping up sticks and stones, and general cleanup. And might I add that the house my step dad's sister, named Carol, lives in was her mother's sister Rita's house? After Rita died, she took all the money Rita had and it went into the house. So basically, when my grandmother passes, him, Jeananne, Noah(her son) won't have anything. They';ll get nothing because Jeananne's sister took all the money for herself.

And now those 2 are fighting. Supposedly, Nick saw Noah(Jeananne, my step dad's sister's son) stumbling up the driveway. Now, if you've ever seen this driveway, you will stumble up it, drunk or sober. Anyway, Nick "claims" that he saw Noah stumbling up it from his bedroom window, making loud noises and being idiotic. So he runs to his mama like a little baby, saying Noah is drunk. He makes an assumption like that without knowing the facts. And Carol waits until the next day, calling Jeananne at work, and tells her. Then Jeananne reams Carol in for not telling her immediately, and she starts dredging up old news about Noah "supposedly" stealing money from Nick, or "stealing" vodka from Jeananne. He did it once and that's that. But Carol accuses Jeananne of not seeing anything and Jeananne accuses Carol of not doing her job as a parent, not taking care of her kids and getting drunk all the time. I'm siding with Jeananne on this one. I've never seen Noah do any of this stuff, but then again, I hardly know him. But I absolutely refuse to believe what I hear until I know the facts. I don't assume. But, it's like World War III with those 2. The less of Carol and Nick I have to see, the better. I hate going there and seeing those 2. Nick is supposed to be 10, but he acts alot younger, like 5. He'll take a glass, stick the edge in his mouth and make immature noises. He's so stupid, I hate him being there! He makes noises like a kid with mental issues or something, he acts so completely dumb and ignorant. Wait, maybe he's not acting? Maybe he really is dumb and ignorant? IDK what that kid's issue is, but I'm getting highly annoyed of him real quick! He "borrows" stuff from my grandma, but he never returns it; he automatically assumes it's his now. He leaves his nasty, dirty socks on the ground outside at his grandma's house, like it's his own personal laundry room, leaves his toys and things outside, destroys other people's things by "breaking" them and "fixing" them. He also likes to think he's right. He'll argue something to the death until he can prove he's right and everyone else is wrong. I've had my fair share of arguments with him, but out of a headache(called Nick), I just back out and let him win, leaving a smile on my face because I know the truth and he doesn't.

And to top that, my grandma's dog is dead. We had to put the little, well, I shouldn't say little, he was pretty big. Well, any who, we had to put the dog, Bandit, down. Every time I go there, I wait for his barking and him to come so I can scratch his ears. He loved that the most. I miss him. I cry every time I think about him. I'm crying a little right now thinking about him. And what really pisses me off is Carol's other son, Michael, constantly hit that dog "by accident" when he was playing around on the Wii system in the living room. My mom caught him hitting Bandit. It's no wonder Bandit hated kids; Michael had something to do with it, not to mention what I call "The Dork Patrol" across the street. I may have mentioned this in an earlier post. The Dork Patrol is this group of about, I'd say, maybe 3-4 kids who all own bikes, with big orange flags on the back. Biggest nerd alert EVER! Every time Bandit was out, they'd make it their mission to terrorize him, to tease him. I caught them doing it one day and I yelled to them "Don't let me catch you doing that again, otherwise I'm calling your parents on you!" That stopped them for a while, but then they picked up again. God, I really miss that dog. He was such a silly little thing, you couldn't help but love him. He loved being scratched behind his ears. You did that, and he was your friend for life. He also loved belly rubs. He always rolled over to his side so you could scratch and rub his belly and he'd be in 7th heaven. But now he's gone, and I'm pretty sure my step dad's sister Carol is all giggles and smiles. She hated that dog because she could never bring friends over. He'd bark at them. And plus, her bastard son Michael hit him all the time. He hated that dog. Well, guess what? I hate Michael, I hate his mom and his brother Nick. Their dad Donnie has his moments, but I like him. He's a firm, strong believer in family, and he doesn't take crap from anyone. He's the only one in that house I have respect for. He loved Bandit, he treated Bandit better than anything. But, most of all, I miss that dog Bandit. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I think about all the stuff I should have done with him, spent more time if I could have, taken him for walks, IDK. But he's in a better place. He's not suffering, he's asking my grandma's husband Gene to scratch his ears and rub his belly, he's asking Rita to feed him treats and play fetch with him or just feed him in general. He's asking both of them to love him as we all did.

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