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Monday, July 30, 2012

80s "Hair" Bands

Ever notice that most 80s bands all had the same, universal look? Messy, scraggly, hair. spandex costumes, maybe some makeup, torn clothing? They all looked the same for some weird reason. And most of these bands did metal music. So, here are some of my favorite "hair" bands of the 80s

White Lion

 Favorite Whitesnake songs: Is This Love, Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
Van Halen
Favorite Van Halen songs: I'll Wait, You Really Got Me(cover), Panama, Right Now, Pretty Woman(cover), The Cradle Will Rock, Dance the Night Away
Twisted Sister
Favorite Twisted Sister songs: We're Not Gonna Take It. I kinda like them because of my sister; these guys are one of her favorite bands
Steel Panther

Skid Row
The Scorpions
Favorite Scorpions songs: No One Like You, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Ruby Tuesday(their cover)
Quiet Riot
Favorite Quiet Riot song: Come On Feel the Noize
Favorite Poison songs: Look What the Cat Dragged In, Nothing But a Good Time, We're an American Band(cover), Rock and Roll All Nite(cover), I Won't Forget You
Motley Crue
Favorite Motley Crue song: Dr. Feelgood
Black N Blue
Judas Priest. Funny, the only one here WITHOUT hair is lead singer Rob Halford
Favorite Judas Priest songs: Metal Gods, Living After Midnight, Turbo Lover, Breaking the Law, You Got Another Thing Coming
Guns N Roses

Obviously Def Leppard
Favorite Def Leppard songs: Rocket, Armageddon It, Photogrpah, Animal, Foolin', Bringin On the Heartbreak, Hysteria, Pour Some Sugar on Me
Bon Jovi. They're still around today.
Favorite Bon Jovi songs: It's My Life, Runaway, Wanted Dead or Alive, Bad Medicine, You Give Love a Bad Name
Favorite Aerosmith songs: Walk This Way, Dude(Looks Like a Lady), Angel, The Other Side, Eat the Rich, Sweet Emotion, Rag Doll, Love in an Elevator, Come Together(their cover), Fallin in Love(Is Hard on the Knees). Joe Perry: HOTTIE!
KISS without makeup. Kinda funny how they all have black hair naturally
Favorite KISS songs: Love Gun, Detroit Rock City, Lick It Up, Beth. And I still say Paul Stanley is the sexy one!!!!
Warrant. I think they're still around.

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