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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Untouchables

The Untouchables
-Eliot Ness is a Federal agent with the FBI. He lives in 1930s Chicago, which is currently under rule from gangster Alphonse "Scarface" Capone(De Niro). The police won't do anything about it because they are on his payroll. So it's up to him to assemble a team of law enforcement officers to help take down Capone and put him in prison for tax evasion. He enlists the help of an Irish cop named Jim Malone(Connery), an Italian police officer to be(Garcia), an accountant(Smith). And in order to take down Capone, they must play his game, use guns to fight fire with fire and put him away for tax evasion.

-Kevin Costner: Eliot Ness

-Sean Connery: James "Jimmy" Malone

-Charles Martin Smith: Agent Oscar Wallace

-Andy Garcia: Agent George Stone aka Giuseppe Petri

-Robert De Niro: Al Capone
-Richard Bradford: Police Chief Mike Dorsett

-Jack Kehoe: Walter Payne

-Brad Sullivan: George

-Billy Drago: Frank Nitti

-Patricia Clarkson: Catherine Ness

Did You Know?
-Albert H. Wolff was the last survivor of the real life Untouchables. He was a consultant on the film
-Robert De Niro did serious Method acting for the role of Al Capone. He insisted on gaining the weight himself, and wearing the same kind of clothes the real man would wear
-Despite the final court room scene, the real Eliot Ness and real Al Capone never came face to face in court

-Even though the patron saints of police are Michael the Archangel and Saint Sebastian, Irish police officers carried St. Jude medals, who was the patron saint of hopeless causes

-The scene where Capone pulls out a baseball bat and beats one of his men to death actually happened. On May 7, 1929, Capone got wind of a rumor that 2 of his henchmen, Albert Anselmi and John Scalise, had planned to kill Capone. He got even by inviting all his employees to a dinner party, including the 2 men, and during dinner, he pulled out a baseball bat and beat them both to death
-Any cop seen drinking alcohol in the movie seems to get killed
-When George Stone is introduced, Malone finds he is an Italian cop who was born in Italy. In Italian, Giuseppe Petri is translated into "Joseph Peter". In Greek, Petri means "stone"

-The real Frank Nitti did not die like the movie portrayal of him. The real Frank Nitti was set to take over for Capone while he was in prison. Nitti was blamed for the indictments and fear of claustrophobia, he drunkenly wandered into a train yard and blew his head out with a gunshot to the head

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  1. I love this movie, one of my all-time favorites. Very underrated by many and Connery was just awesome! :)