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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Want to Relax? Unwind? Here's Some Ways How...


  1. Drink green tea
  2. Take a nap
  3. Go outside
  4. Get fresh air
  5. Get some sun
  6. Take deep breaths
  7. Watch TV
  8. Listen to classical music(You gotta be kidding! My recommendation would be something like jazz, soul, R&B, Latin music. More calming)
  9. Go to the gym
  10. Eat more fruit and veggies
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Eat something healthy
  13. Talk to a friend or family member
  14. Do some muscle exercises
  15. Read a favorite blog
  16. Call your mother
  17. Read a magazine about something you like or some kind of travel
  18. Go somewhere with an amazing view
  19. Don't drink so much coffee!
  20. Drink more water. Your body will thank you, not to mention your kidneys!
  21. Go swimming or go for a spa day
  22. Get a massage! Nothing says relaxation like a good ol' muscle rub!
  23. Open the darn windows!! Let the fresh air in!
  24. Listen to calming music on MP3/iPod
  25. Clean your room so it's not messy when it's time to hit the hay(go to sleep)
  26. Take a day off work!
  27. Go to the nearest beach and walk in the shallow water. Nothing says calm also like the sound of rushing waves
  28. Drink lemon ginger tea. Those Chinese are quite clever on relaxation
  29. Get a stress ball and squeeze it to relax
  30. Watch a funny movie/TV show
  31. Eat some Chinese noodle soup
  32. Read a favorite book
  33. Meditate
  34. Go to a sporting event you like
  35. Get a game system(Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2 or 3, etc) and just play games for an hour or so.
  36. Go out and study a topic that fascinates you but does not relate to your source of stress
  37. Take a hot shower and let the room steam up
  38. Go to a favorite restaurant and eat a meal you like
  39. Plan a vacation to a desired destination, one you have always wanted to go to
  40. Stop eating so much sugary stuff. It'll give you the jitters
  41. Unsubscribe to blogs that you don't really need or read as much as other ones
  42. Stop reading the News Feed on social networking sites
  43. Pick up a hobby you dropped
  44. Drink warm milk
  45. Turn on music and dance like no one else is around but you
Here are some of my stress breakers:
Hug a stuffed animal. Nothing says calm like a big, smushy teddy bear, stuffed dog, alligator or stuffed bulldog


I love big, smushy teddy bears. they have to be really fuzzy though

I have one just like this at home. I thought it was an Australian dingo, nope. It's an African Wild Dog. I still call it a dingo; I even named it something Australian: Hugh, after an actor I like

I have one like this too

Aww, pugs!!

-Watch a funny movie or TV show. For me, watching Mr. Bean, Wallace and Gromit or Monty Python and the Holy Grail always does it in for me. By the end, my eyes are watering I'm laughing so hard!

-Listen to music. My recommendation: Like I said up above, R&B, jazz, soul, Spanish guitar, Latin, Oriental flute music, or just any kind of Asian music in general usually does perfect.
Seal. My "go-to" guy for R&B
-Play video games. Play something like Just Dance Summer Party, Just Dance 2 or some kind of motion game for the Wii system if you have it. If you're up and moving, you'll relax by burning out that stress through sweating!!
-Read a book you like. Since I read virtually every book I own, that one is out, lmao!!!

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