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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot Man Monday: Steven Tyler

IDK what it is about this guy I like, but there is just something there. You can't help but like him. I know he may have been into hard drugs or whatever, but what singer has not dabbled with drugs? Almost any rock singer has probably had one go or another with drugs. This guy is just an awesome lead singer. And for being in his 60s, he can still make large lips look good. I might as well face it: He's one of my biggest music crushes! Maybe I have a thing for Italian guys. 'Cuz this guy is Italian, he's Italian and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Something about this smile makes me melt...

Whatever idiot said that young Steven Tyler looked like Mick Jagger young should be slapped repeatedly. Steven Tyler young does not look like young Mick Jagger!!!!

I used to think Mick Jagger was the one who could make large lips look good, but I have lost almost all my respect for him. I know most people would probably think it's weird that it is coming from a person whose username is the last name of Mick Jagger, but I seriously have lost almost all my respect for him. I now only respect him as a singer and that's it. As for respect, Charlie Watts has always had my respect because he has been with the same woman for over 40 years and he has stood by her side and they have stood the test of time. He's now a proud grandfather to Charlotte Watts, born to his daughter Seraphina. Ronnie wood also has my respect. So what if he had to go through rehab 5 or 6 times? If that's what it took for him to get clean and sober off alcohol, then let the man be. He's one hell of a guitarist. Keith Richards has my respect as well. He may have done every drug in the book, but he's still around, isn't he? He is the definition of rock and roll lifestyle. He's a good guitarist too. He may not have it in the looks department, but that does not matter. What he does have is talent in playing guitar, a beautiful model by his side, 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful son. When his wife Patti got sick with cancer recently, he never left her side. He was right there for her every minute of every day while she went through treatment to get better. Now that's the kind of man you wanna look up to, not a man who goes out and about with a different woman every night.

But, anywho, I've gotten offtrack like usual. I really think Steven Tyler is still HOT for his age. Yeah, he has gray in his hair, but it looks kinda cute on him. I love his large lips, they look sexy on him, and he is one hell of a musician. He can still get up on stage and belt out Walk This Way, or Rag Doll, and prance around stage like he normally does, wearing funny outfits. Although I love when he wears what looks like Army boots on stage, those are hot on him, and I just love when he wore white jeans and white Nikes when he sang with Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards. He sang "Undo It" with Carrie, which is one of her songs and she sang "Walk This Way" which is one of his songs.

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