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Friday, March 1, 2013

Funniest Movie I've Seen in a Long Time

The Birdcage
-Armand Goldman and his partner Albert own a popular drag show nightclub in South Beach, Florida, where his partner is the star attraction "Starina". One day, Armand's son Val, who is in his 20s, comes ot them saying he has invited his fiancee and their family to visit them. He has decided to marry the girl

-The problem is that his fiancee, Barbara Keeley, is the daughter of Sen. Kevin Keeley, who comes from a right wing moralist family, which means that he essentially disapproves of gay rights and anything to do with it. So they must play it straight when they come to visit

-Robin Williams: Armand Goldman
-Nathan Lane: Albert Goldman
-Gene Hackman: Sen. Kevin Keeley
-Diane Wiest: Louise Keeley
-Dan Futterman: Val Goldman
-Calista Flockhart: Barbara Keeley
-Christine Baranski: Katherine Archer
-Hank Azaria: Agador
-Tom McGowan: Harry Radman

Did You Know?
-When Robin Williams slips and falls during the "shrimp" scene was not planned. He really fell and Hank Azaria fought back hard to keep from laughing
-Breakthrough movie role for Nathan Lane, who was used to Broadway plays
-During the toasting scene, director Miek Nichols had to be covered with a soundproof blanket because he was laughing so hard
-The character of Agador is based on Hank Azaria's grandmother

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