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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned
-After years of eternal sleep, vampire Lestat awakens and finds the world changed, and he wants to join in. He falls in with a group of local rockers and becomes their front man. What he does not realize is that his rock music has awakened another soul, Queen Akasha, known as the Queen of the Damned. She is looking for a new king and aims to make Lestat just that

-Aaliyah: Queen Akasha
-Stuart Townsend: Lestat de Lioncourt
-Marguerite Moreau: Jesse Reeves
-Vincent Perez: Marius de Romanus
-Paul McGann: David Talbot
-Lena Olin: Maharet
-Christian Manon: Mael
-Claudia Black: Pandora
-Bruce Spence: Khayman
-Matthew Newton: Armand
-Tiriel Mora: Roger
-Megan Dorman: Maudy
-Jonathan Devoy: James
-Robert Farnham: Alex
-Conrad Standish: T.C.

Did You Know?
-This was only the second movie that R&B singer Aaliyah had done. She died in a plane crash coming back from the Bahamas to film a music video after the principal photography for this movie was made. Following her death, her brother, Rashad Haughton, was called in to do some overdubbing on her voice
-The concert scenes were set in Death Valley, California, but were actually filmed in Waribee, Australia
-The singing voice of Lestat was actually done by Jonathan Davis of Korn
-The blood that Queen Akasha has in her mouth is really cherry juice
-Stuart Townsend shares his character' name with a character from another Anne Rice novel, titled "The Witching Hour"
-Jonathan Davis from Korn appears as a ticket scalper trying to peddle tickets outside the show

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