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Friday, March 8, 2013

Creepshow 2

One of my favorite sci-fi movies

Creepshow 2
-Divided into 3 stories

Old Chief Wooden Head
-Ray and Martha Spruce run a general store in a little out of the way town. Outside the store is a wooden Indian Chief called 'Old Chief Wooden Head". He is the, sort of, guardian for the store. Since the town they live in is getting poorer by the day, Ray gives credit to the customers, including the local resident Indian tribe, along with it's leader, Ben Whitemoon. One day, Whitemoon asks Ray to guard some precious turquoise for him in the store's safe. But his nephew Sam (Holt McCallany) comes along with his friends to rob the two and they kill Ray and Martha. When night falls, Old Chief Wooden Head takes his revenge, tribal style

The Raft
-Teens Deke (Paul Satterfield), Randy (Daniel Beer) travel with Laverne (Jeremy Green) and Rachel (Page Hannah) to a small lake to smoke some weed, swim and get laid with their girlfriends. What they don't see is there is a sign hidden by moss that says "No Swimming". That is because, living near the wood raft in the middle of the lake is a black, jelly-like carnivorous blob that is hungry and is about to feed on the young adults

The Hitchhiker
-Annie Lansing is an unfaithful woman who lives in Maine and was late getting meeting her husband at the airport because she was having sex with her escort. Driving her Mercedes Benz in a hurry on a dark highway, she loses control and accidentally hits a hitchhiker just wanting a ride. She drives on, questioning what it would sound like talking to the police. She soon discovers that this hitchhiker just won't die

-Domenick John: Billy
-Tom Savini: The Creep
-George Kennedy: Ray Spruce- Old Chief Wooden Head
-Philip Dore: Curly- Old Chief Wooden Head
-Dorothy Lamour: Martha Spruce- Old Chief Wooden Head
-Frank Salsedo: Ben Whitemoon- Old Chief Wooden Head

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