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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Rock

The Rock
-Stanley Goodspeed is a biochemist that lives in Washington D.C. with his fiancée Carla Pestolozzi. Soon after she tells him she's pregnant, Stanley receives a call from FBI director James Womack, who informs Stanley that San Francisco's Alcatraz Island has been taken hostage by Marine General Hummler and his mercenaries, along with 81 tourists. For years, he has been fighting the government's refusal to pay benefits to families of war veterans who died during covert operations.

-Stanley is called in because Hummler had managed to get his hands on some VX gas warheads and announced he will launch them on San Francisco unless his demands are met. Stanley can disarm the bombs, but needs someone who knows the layout of Alcatraz like the back of their hand. And that someone is John Mason, who is a former British intelligence officer who has been in prison for the past 30 years because he was accused of stealing private files that belonged to J. Edgar Hoover. In 1962, he managed to escape the island and have a daughter named Jade Angelou

-Despite his extreme hatred of the FBI, he agrees to help Stanley. When they manage to get into the island, Hummel's men kill the SEALs and it's up to John and Stanley to rescue the tourists and stop the madman

-Sean Connery: John Patrick Mason
-Nicholas Cage: Stanley Goodspeed
-Ed Harris: Gen. Francis X. Hummel
-John Spencer: FBI Director John Womack
-David Morse: Major Tom Baxter
-William Forsythe: Ernest Paxton
-Michael Biehn: Comm. Anderson
-Vanessa Marcil: Carla Pestolozzi
-John C. McGinley: Marine Capt. Hendrix
-Gregory Sporleder: Capt. Frye
-Tony Todd: Capt. Darrow
-Bokeem Woodbine: Sgt. Crisp
-Jim Maniaci: Priv. Scarpetti

Did You Know?
-Some of the Navy SEALs in the film were played by real Navy SEALs
-Sean Connery's character John Mason says he was trained by British intelligence, just like James Bond
-The premier of the movie was held in the Prison Recreation Yard of Alcatraz

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