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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 8: 8 Things That Annoy You

Wow, this could mean anything. Here are 8 things that annoy me

Drama on Facebook
-Okay, everyone has those people they're friends with that tend to put whatever is on their mind onto Facebook, feeling that everyone should know what they did over the weekend, so on and so forth. But, sometimes it gets out of control, especially with issues like baby drama. Back then, when someone said "I'm pregnant", you were like "Oh my God, congratulations. When are you due? Are you having a boy or girl?" Nowadays, it's like "wow, she's pregnant too? Is there something going around making all these chicks knocked up?" Nobody needs to know about who's got a new baby daddy

Stupid people
-Here's what this means. People who act completely and utterly ignorant. I swear to God there must be a new layer above the Earth, that I call "The Bozone Layer", meaning that is what makes people stupid

Weirdoes talking to me
-For some God forsaken reason, every time I'm out, somehow a weirdo starts talking to me. When I'm waiting for the bus downtown to come home, I have some homeless guy trying to bum money off me. I think "Dude, I don't even have money for myself, and you want ME to give YOU money? No way, Jack!" Either that or I have a homeless woman trying to get me to buy her a hotdog. And it's worse on the bus! When I'm on the bus going to school or going somewhere, a weirdo starts talking to me. I must have a way with people...

-Well, from the various posts on stereotypes, racism and discrimination I've done over the past years, everyone knows my stand on this topic. I HATE RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION! I don't understand stereotypes; not everyone in England will be snooty and have bad teeth; not everyone of Asian descent owns a laundromat and knows martial arts; not every black person will be on welfare and be a pimp, drug dealer or some kind of criminal; not every Italian is going to be connected to the mob. I hate when people stereotype others

The Twilight Series
-I don't get why people like these movies. Disney/Pixar made a better love movie in the movie Up than that fugly chick Kristen Stewart did in all the Twilight movies. And nothing against that actor who plays the vampire dude, he is not that sexy. Alex O'Loughlin played one sexy vampire on Moonlight, strangely named Mick for some odd reason, Gerard Butler was a sexy Dracula in Dracula 2000.

-I mean American football, by the way, for those who read this that are from Europe :D. I really don't get American football. What's so great about it? A bunch of guys in tight clothes running around trying to get a ball? Not my idea of sports. I may not play them, but I would rather play soccer than anything. The only thing holding me back is my lungs are not very strong. After years of living with my dad, who was a smoker, my lungs are probably as black as Gavin Rossdale's hair or as yellow as the sun, which is not good at all. I get out of breath quickly, even when I'm trying to work out to burn calories
Commercials showing skinny people
-Wow, as if these commercials don't already advertise eating disorders. Do these commercials even realize the effect they are having on young girls? These commercials for diet pills, saying things like "it's great to be thin" or showing women in skin tight clothing who are bone thin, that's not good. That is going to give young girls the idea that if they do not have the perfect body, with perfect boobs or a perfect rear, that if they are not tall, tan, skinny, with perfect hair, that they are nothing. And in order to look like that, they must starve or work out obsessively

Gossip Magazines
-Magazines like OK, People, Entertainment Weekly, etc. They all drive me bonkers because of the garbage they print on the front. They all seem to have the same things anymore. Stories of "he said, she said" arguments of who's cheating who, who got married, who got divorced, who's having a baby, etc. Anymore, it seems like Jennifer Aniston is making the mags cover more than anyone. I'm so glad I don't read them. Most of the time, the mags I read are the same ones my mom reads, Family Circle because they have good articles on different stuff, AllYou because they have healthy food recipes that sound freakin' awesome, and when it does come to entertainment, I'll read Rolling Stone because they always talk about the latest in music and pop culture history.


  1. "The Bozone Layer" - nice! Ha!

    I'm beginning to think that layer/area is more populated than any other, including China!

  2. I just know I gave birth to you somehow. This was great!