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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wayne's World 2

Wayne's World 2
-Wayne and Garth are back! This time, they are trying to organize a rock music festival similar to Woodstock, this one called Waynestock. In order to do this, they enlist the help of the "world's greatest roadie". To find him, they must fly to London and convince him to help them organize a concert. Elsewhere, his girlfriend's manager is busy trying to get her away from Wayne and move her to L.A. so they can marry. Wayne must rush from the concert, which features Aerosmith, Pearl Jam and others to prevent Cassandra from marrying the wrong person

Ooooh, the two sexiest ones are in this photo, lol!

-Mike Myers: Wayne Campbell
-Dana Carvey: Garth Algar
-Christopher Walken: Bobby Cahn
-Tia Carrere: Cassandra Wong
-Chris Farley: Milton
-Ralph Brown: Del Preston
-James Hong: Jeff Wong
-Rip Taylor: Himself
-Steven Tyler: Himself
-Joe Perry: Himself
-Brad Whitford: Himself
-Tom Hamilton: Himself
-Joey Kramer: Himself
-Jim Morrison: Michael A Nickles
-Harry Shearer: Handsome Dan

Did You Know?
-The scene where the Indian cries after seeing the garbage was inspired by a public service ad done in 1971 by Iron Eyes Cody
-Dana Carvey based the character of Garth on his brother, Brad Carvey
-The story the roadies tells about having to fill a brandy glass full of brown M&Ms for Ozzy Osbourne is based on a true story. Van Halen had a rider (a contractual list of items a band demands from the venue- towels, stage equipment, food, etc). And it one time said a bowl of M&Ms, but with all the brown ones removed. The reason for the stupid rule was to see if anyone actually read it. Sure enough, no one read it and the staging crashed. This led to the band supposedly going crazy
-The filming of the Aerosmith concert that supposedly takes place in Chicago actually takes place in San Diego, California. Both Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were in the audience, filming live

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