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Friday, March 22, 2013

My Dad the Rock Star

My Dad the Rock Star
-The son of a well known, but odd heavy metal musician tries to lead a normal life. Created by Gene Simmons of Kiss fame

-Joanne Vannicola: Willy Zilla
-Lawrence Bayne: Rock Zilla
-Kathleen Laskey: Crystal Zilla
-Stephanie Mills: Serenity Zilla
-Don Francks: Skunk
-Sarah Gadon: Alyssa
-Martin Villafana: Quincy
-Rob Stefaniuk: Bobby "Buzz" Sawchuck
-James Millington: Mr. Malfactor

Did You Know?
-Based on the book My Dad the Rock Star: Rebel Without a Nose Ring by Gene Simmons of Kiss fame

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