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Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Funny Movie

Police Academy
-When the lady Maror decides that weight, height and sex shouldn't matter in hiring of police officers, they come out of the woodwork. This opens the floodgates to anyone who wants to be a police officer. Social mifit Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) is here to stay out of trouble, Karen Thompson (Kim Cattrall) is a snobby socialite who wants more in her life. So it's up to the misfits to save the city when a riot breaks out

-Steve Guttenberg: Carey Mahoney
-Kim Cattrall: Karen Thompson
-G.W. Bailey: Lt. Harris
-Bubba Smith: Moses Hightower
-Donovan Scott: Leslie Barbara
-George Gaynes: Commandant Lassard
-Andrew Rubin: George Martin
-David Graf: Tackleberry
-Leslie Easterbrook: Sgt. Callahan
-Michael Winslow: Larvell Jones
-Debralee Scott: Mrs. Fackler
-Bruce Mahler: Doug Fackler
-Ted Ross: Capt. Reed
-Scott Thompson: Chad Copeland
-Brant von Hoffman: Kyle Blankes
-Marion Ramsey: Lavern Hooks

Did You Know?
-The Blue Oyster Bar in the movie is actually called the Silver Dollar Room.
-The scene where there was shoe polish on the megaphone was done as a prank on British director Michael Winner
-Filmed in 40 days
-In the scene where the two guys see Michael Winslow (Jones) playing an invisible game, the sounds he is mimicking are from the video game Q*Bert
-Marion Ramsey, who played Laverne Hooks, says she based her voice on Michael Jackson's soft voice

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