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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rules of Engagement

This show is funny sometimes, but the main guy is just a disgusting, skirt chasing perv!

Rules of Engagement
-Two couples, and a single friend go through the complications of life, relationships, marriage and commitment

Megyn Price: Audrey Bingham
-Audrey is the wife to Jeff. She is an editor at Indoor Living Magazine. She likes to live spontaneously, live things spur of the moment. She tolerates her husband's sarcasm because she knows he will do the right thing once he realizes he made a mistake. She does not make fun of her friends and instead saves her biting remarks for Russell.

Patrick Warburton: Jeff Bingham
-Jeff is a financial manager and husband to Audrey. He loves sports, consisting of the N.Y. Mets, Rangers, Yankees, and thinks back on his college days at Syracuse

David Spade: Russell Dunbar
-A disgusting,  very ugly, foul womanizer who tries everything in his power to get into the pants of every woman he's with. He's shallow, only thinks of himself and also is the co-worker of Timmy and Adam. In the sense of women, he is optimistic  he will nail them. He uses his money from his father's company, which he is now manager of, to lure women. And because of his height, he gets jokes from Jeff and also gets jokes about his clothing, his love of prostitutes and women with obvious "daddy issues".

Bianca Kajilich: Jennifer Rhodes
-Jennifer is the sharp witted fiancee to Adam. She is charismatic, kind and sweet. she takes everything in stride because of his good looks and loving nature
Adhir Kalyan: Timmy Patel
-A mild mannered, yet gentlemanly immigrant of Indian heritage from South Africa. But due to his speaking manner, he is often mistaken for being from England. He is Russell's assistant and whenever Russell has some unpleasant task he must accomplish, he makes Timmy do it. He is, by far, the funniest one on here. Even though he is multi-fluent in many languages and holds an MBA, he forced to do menial work. And throughout the show, Russell and others relate something to him involving Native Americans, which has him remarking "I'm not that kind of Indian"
Oliver Hudson: Adam Rhodes
-Adam is a well meaning, but obviously not so intelligent co-worker of Russell Dunbar and Timmy. He is also the fiancee to Jennifer. Because of his childlike naivete, it's hard to explain things to him. And he will also get wording wrong on things. Like in Season 5, episode 15, he heard that Timmy was part of an a capella group and he heard it as al-Qaeda. He gets many rude remarks about his feminine qualities from Russell or Jeff when ever they mention homosexuality. And when he mentions he was a cheerleader in high school, this brings more "gay" jokes from Jeff or Russell

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