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Friday, March 22, 2013

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons
Birth name: Chaim Weitz
DOB: Aug. 25, 1949
Where: Tirat Carmel, Israel
Height: 6'2''

-Shannon Tweed: Oct. 1, 2011-present, 2 kids

-Demon makeup
-Axe-shaped bass guitar
-Long tongue

-Spike platform boots
-Flame-shaped afro
-Spiked armor plating
-Deep voice
-Spits fake blood and breathes fire on stage

-Lived with Cher for several years
-Before performing in Kiss, Gene was a school teacher, but did not find it to his liking
-Eddie Van Halen once begged Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to let him join Kiss. this was during a time when Van Halen was having problems
-Has two kids, Nick Simmons and Sophie Simmons with former Playboy model Shannon Tweed
-Considered becoming a rabbi
-Got his name "Gene Simmons" as a take on actress Jean Simmons' name
-His mother, Florence, is a Hungarian Holocaust survivor. In his biography, Sex Money KISS, he said that his grandmother went into a gas chamber with his great grandmother because she didn't want to die alone. His mother is the only one of her family to survive the Holocaust. She survived because she was a hairstylist and the wife of one of the Nazi officers liked how she did hair

-For any musician wanting to sign with his label, Simmons Records, he has one rule: No Drugs
-Said that one time, without any makeup on, he bought a ticket to his own show
-His tongue measures over 7'' long
-Is considered to be one of the top fire breathers in the world. The record is 27 feet and Gene can hit 15 feet
-Speaks Hungarian, Hebrew, High German, Japanese and English
-Lives his life like an open book. When he gets into a relationship, he shows her his famous book, which contains photos of the women he's been with, because he believes there should be no secrets in a relationship
-Good friends with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi
-Found out that after his father died, he had 3 half sisters: Drora, Ogenia and Sharon. And a half brother named Kobi
-Taught 6th grade at P.S. 75 in Spanish Harlem
-The band he was previously in before Kiss was called Wicked Lester

Known For
My Dad the Rock Star
-Episode: To Love and Die in L.A.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
King of the Hill
-Episode: Reborn to Be Wild

Miami Vice
-Newton Windsor Blade
-Episode: The Prodigal Son
Wanted Dead or Alive
-Malak Al Rahim

Trick or Treat

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