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Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 2: Things You Wish You Could Do

Things I wish I could do? Wow, that could mean anything. It's supposed to be 2, but there's a lot I really want to do to just choose 2

One thing I really wish I could do is study abroad. If I had the money, I'd go to either Australia, because it's warm and sunny, and when not in class, be down at Bondi Beach working on my tan, trying to clear the acne I'm trying to rid myself of, reading a book. London. People say it's cold and rainy, not really sure about the rainy part. Every time I see it, looks just fine. The fashion is kinda cool,  they wear pinstripe suits, at least the guys do, and they all look so handsome in their suits and ties, and the women all look so pretty in their suits and dresses. And when not in class, I'd be trying to catch a soccer game, hopefully the Arsenal Gunners would be playing, and if not them, maybe the Tottenham Hotspurs. I guess I somehow developed a love of English soccer from my stepdad. And who knows? I might see a British barrister in their white wig and robe walking down the street to the Old Bailey to go back to trial? Who knows what I'd see? I'd get excited at just being there in general!! If you read this and you're from England, you'll probably laugh at my excitement. I'm the kind of person who finds the biggest excitement in the smallest things

I would say drive. But that's already in progress. Wish 1, almost done. Just gotta pass my test, which I feel confident that, after some major practice, I can pass. Maybe not first time, but pass none the less
IDK why, this picture kinda makes me laugh. I think it's a car from England called a Reliant K or something along those lines. They have 1 wheel in the front and tip over easily. They did an experiment with that on Top Gear once. Also, this kind of car is the one Mr. Bean keeps knocking over on the show
Get a really cool job. To be almost the envy of most people from high school. I'd love nothing more than to have any one of these jobs:
Video Game Designer. I'm hoping to go to school for this
Nurse. Maybe this? I've always been interested in medicine
Criminal Justice. With all the law shows I watch, like Law and Order: UK, Criminal Minds, The First 48, maybe it's a sign?

Go to a freakin' concert!! I'm dying to go see an actual concert. Preferably rock. And if I can have the money and maybe a car by the time either July or August rolls around, it might happen. Rush is supposed to be coming here on their 2013 Clockwork Angels tour, and I plan on seeing them live!! These photos below are pretty much all the peopel I would loooooooooooooove to see in concert!!

Alice Cooper. I have my sister to thank 4 this one!


Kinda obvious here who it is...



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