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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Child's Play 3

Child's Play 3
-8 years after the second film, Andy is now a teen enrolled in a military academy. Play Pal Toys, who created the Good Guy dolls, have re-released them, deciding now is the time since the bad publicity died. As they reuse old materials, the spirit of Charles Lee Ray is resurrected. As Chucky falls into the hands of a young boy, Chucky decides to try and get into this little boy's body instead

-Justin Whalin: Andy Barclay
-Perrey Reeves: De Silva
-Jeremy Sylvers: Tyler
-Travis Fine: Shelton
-Dean Jacobson: Whitehurst
-Brad Dourif: Chucky
-Peter Haskell: Sullivan
-Dakin Matthews: Colonel Cochrane
-Andrew Robinson: Sergeant Botnick
-Matthew Walker: Ellis
-Donna Eskra: Ivers

Did You Know?
-When the movie was released in Britain, it made quite a controversy with one newspaper, The Sun. Journalists claimed that it inspired two young boys to murder a young child, 2 year old James Bulger.
-The first film that Chucky in doll form uses a real gun as a weapon

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