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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beverly Hills Chihuahhua

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
-While her Aunt Viv is away, Rachel and Sam go on vacation to Mexico with her aunt's dog Chloe, a pampered Chihuahua, who finds herself lost and needing to get help from the local animals, including an ex-police dog named Delgado

-Piper Perabo: Rachel
-Jamie Lee Curtis: Aunt Viv
-Manolo Cardona: Sam Cortez
-Jose Maria Yazpik: Vasquez
-Maury Sterling: Rafferty
-Jesus Ochoa: Officer Ramirez
-Eugenion Derbez: Store owner
-Naomy Romo: Ranger
-Carmen Vera: Inn Keeper woman
-Alberto Reyes: Bellman
-Drew Barrymore: Chloe
-George Lopez: Papi
-Andy Garcia: Delgado
-Cheech Marin: Manuel
-Paul Rodriguez: Chico
-Placido Domingo: Monte
-Edward James Olmos: El Diablo
-Loretta Divine: Delta
-Michael Urie: Sebastian
-Luiz Guzman: Chucho

Did You Know?
-Papi, the Chihuahua voiced by George Lopez, was rescued from being put down by Lopez, who adopted him

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