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Friday, March 29, 2013

Up in Smoke

Too funny!!

Up in Smoke
-Cheech and Chong met by accident along a coastal highway. They try and score some dope, but are accidentally deported to Mexico where, in desperation, they drive a van back home so they can play a music gig. Unaware that their "van" is actually made from marijuana, they make their way back, picking up two female hitch hikers while avoiding cops that they don't even know are following them

-Cheech Marin: Pedro de Pacas
-Tommy Chong: Anthony "Man" Stoner
-Strother Martin: Arnold Stoner
-Edie Adams: Mrs. Tempest Stoner
-Harold Fong: Chauffeur
-Richard Novo: Richard
-Jane Moder: Jail Bait
-Arthur Roberts: Arresting officer

Did You Know?
-The car that Chong drives at the start of the movie belongs to Jack Nicholson
-The girls that Cheech tries to pick up are the daughters of one of the associate partners
-The first of 7 movies featuring the comedy duo of Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin

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