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Monday, March 11, 2013

Driving for the First Time

I went driving for practice yesterday for the first time and man was it fun!! I was a little nervous about it. But when I got behind the wheel, strangely enough, the nerves went away. Can't really explain why. I know one thing, man I was really thinking about moving the seat back. My knees kept touching the wheel. Taking into consideration my sister is 5'6'' and I'm 5'8'' might explain it, also when my right foot was on the gas pedal, my foot started hurting from being in that tight little position. I had a little trouble at first, which is common to all first time drivers, but with my sister helping me, I was doing pretty good. Plus, my sister was bored out of her skull and so was I. I know I kept putting my foot on the gas pedal and making it go a little fast, which was a huge thrill. And luckily for us, we went to an empty parking lot where the Ohio BMV has set up cones for parallel parking practice. And to our surprise, we were not the only first time drivers there. There were about 3-4 other people there. So, I definitely felt a little relieved to know there were others in the same position as me. There was a silver Toyota van with a young lady in it, probably about 16 or 17, there was a red Dodge Charger that looked like it had been pimped out (stylized with things like spinners on the wheels, chrome siding, etc. Things ususally seen in the rap/hip hop world) to within an inch of it's life, an older woman teaching her son to drive in a gray Honda Corolla. I can't wait to begin driving. For my first time out driving, I think I did pretty good. I really gotta practice braking. One thing I was doing that I have to not do is use both feet. But, luckily for me, being the quick learner that I am, I learned ot use my right foot real fast. And somehow impressed my teacher, aka my sister, lol! I also impressed my mom when I told her how good I did. So far, I got the turning of the wheel done pretty good, I still wanna practice on backing out and braking. But as for things like turning into a lane, I got that down pretty good, still gonna practice though, and pulling into a parking spot, did pretty good as well. Man o man, I can't wait until I start driving, it's gonna rock! But, one thing is 4 sure, mus obey the rules of the road, which is no problem for me. I was just having fun learning how to drive. And nothing beats when we were on our way there, I saw a bumper sticker that had me in hysterics. It was yellow and said in black "If you tailgate me, I'll flick a booger on your windshield". I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. I had to try really hard and I mean REALLY HARD to stop laughing before I got behind the wheel. And if you know me like my parents do, trying to stop laughing is a trial in itself for me. But, anywho, yesterday I went driving and did pretty well for my first time. All I gotta do is keep practicing and this girl will be an Ohio licensed driver!! Hopefully I can pass my driving test, which, if I can drive on the test after some practice like I wsa doing yesterday, I'm sure to pass, maybe even the first time, who knows? Just gotta get some practice and I'll be sure to get my license!!!

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  1. There are some people who are just naturally at ease when they get behind the wheel, and I guess you’re one of them! So how did it go with the driving exam? Did you pass with flying colors?