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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some Musicians Just Have All The Bad luck in the World...

Here are some rockers who had brushes with bad luck

Lynyrd Skynyrd
-Plane crash
-Crashed into the woods in Gillsburg, Mississippi, killing Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines

Allman Brothers
-Motorcycle accidents
-One Oct. 29, 1971, Allman Brothers guitarist Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle crash in Macon, Georgia. Then, bassist Berry Oakley was killed in a motorcycle crash a year later, just a few blocks away

Ace Frehley
-Bad luck everywhere
-Almost drowned on two separate occasions, one being while he was sitting by a hotel pool while on tour in Florida, drunk, only to be fished out by Gene Simmons. Other instances include being electrocuted by touching an underground metal railing while on the band's 1976 tour in Lakeland, Florida, and this inspired the 1977 Kiss song "Shock Me"

Brian Jones
-Death at 27
-It's hardly a surprise to know the members of the Rolling Stones have lived past their supposed "expiration date". But not Brian Jones. He essentially formed the band by placing an ad in a jazz newspaper and was the leader and manager in the early years, but when Jagger joined up, he saw his control go down as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards became the songwriting duo for the band. In July 1969, he was found at the bottom of his pool at his house in Sussex, with the official cause of death being "death by misadventure". He is now forever a member of the Forever 27 Club
Syd Barrett
-Psychotic breakdown
-As a founding member of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett was best known as the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter during the band's early years. As a result of this, and his use of mind altering drugs such as LSD, this seemed to bring about severe psychological problems. This led to a psychotic breakdown in which he'd never fully recover from. In April 1968, he left the band and in 2006, died from pancreatic cancer

Pete Best
-Original Beatles drummer
-He was the original drummer for the band until Ringo Starr came along

Dave Evans
-AC/DC's first singer
-Alot of people tend to overlook the fact this band had multiple lead singers. The first was Dave Evans, who had a short career with these guys. He left the band due to clashes with management and then Bon Scott came on the scene and sang lead vocals before drinking himself to death in London

Tracii Guns
-The 'almost a Guns N' Roses' member
-He went on to form Guns N' Roses in 1985, before creating L.A. Guns. And things did not work out, so the new Guns N' Roses lineup went on to include Steven Adler on drums, Slash on guitar, Duff McKagan on guitar, and Izzy Stradlin on guitar
Def Leppard
-Twin tragedies
-This band endured a double shot of tragedy back then. In 1984, drummer Rick Allen was involved in a car crash that ultimately claimed his left arm in Sheffield, England. Since then, he's been playing a custom-made drum kit that can play for his missing left arm while he plays with his right
-The other one is the loss of Steve Clark. He battled for years with alcoholism and then found a new demon to chase: drugs. In January 1991, his girlfriend found his body in his apartment the night after heavy drinking. Large amounts of prescription drugs and alcohol were found in his system

Rick Allen

Steve Clark

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