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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 4:4 Memories You Can't Forget

4 Things I can't forget?

My first trip to Mexico
-This one made me nervous. I had never been outside the US before and when we were going, I was so excited. I can't wait for my next vacation outside the US, which will, hopefully, be to London!!

My dad passing away
-This one really struck a cord with me. When my dad passed, it really affected me. I mean, being in the same hospital room one minute to see the heart monitor beeping and then the next hearing nothing and not seeing his chest rise to let us know he's still living, very scary! It's very eerie being in the same room, watching the life go out of the eyes of someone you love. I'll never understand why my dad acted the way he did sometimes, but I love him none the less

Graduating high school
-Never in my life was I ever so glad to get out of high school. My high school was nice, but the peopel I went with, didn't make it enjoyable. I was made fun of, because I was "different". What I mean by this is, I was not willing to bend over backwards and change who I was to fit in. I didn't listen to rap music because it was the "in" thing, I didn't dress like a whore like some of the girls did, and I didn't say things like "Yo, what up dog? How's my homie?", talking like some kind of black rap wannabe. Instead, I listened to people like The Beatles, Aerosmith. And after high school, started listening to the Stones.

My first job
-My first job was actually just a seasonal job. It was through a local staffing agency that gave me the job of Data Entry Clerk and Mail Room Clerk at the US Bank Lockbox near me. Man, there was a alot of security there. No MP3s, iPods, only CD players. You could only have 2 CDs at a time, no talking, just work. Not my idea of good social skills, but it did get me experience

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