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Friday, March 8, 2013

Kelly Osbourne Has a Seizure and Lands in Hospital

Kelly Osbourne
I hope she does all right :)
While filming an episode of her show Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a massive seizure. TMZ says it happened just before noon on the show's set in L.A. and when Kelly told fellow host Melissa Rivers "I don't feel good", she fell out of her chair. Rivers and an emergency responder attending the show tended to her and she came around in a few minutes. When she was taken to the hospital, her mother Sharon was seen there, watching over her. And it's said she'll stay the night for observation. And in terms of medical scares, it's been tough in the Osbourne camp, with Sharon being diagnosed with breast cancer and Kelly's brother Jack being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year

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