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Friday, March 29, 2013


-An out of work musician, looking for work, gets mistaken for a hit man and is trying to avenge the death of his wife

-Antonio Banderas: El Mariachi
-Salma Hayek: Carolina
-Joaquim de Almeida: Bucho
-Cheech Marin: Short Bartender
-Carlos Gomez: Right Hand
-Danny Trejo: Navajas
-Carlos Gallardo: Campa

Did You Know?
-Jennifer Lopez auditioned for the role of Carolina
-As an obvious reference to the Mariachi theme, Santa Cecilia is the patron saint of music
-The bar where Steve Buscemi and Cheech Marin talk is an actual bar in Acuna, Mexico. It's a lot bigger and cleaner in real life. They have pictures of the stars and crew from the movie on the walls
-Antonio Banderas performed all the guitar playing himself

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