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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Avengers

The Avengers
-Famous British agents John Steed and Emma Peel team up to stop Sir August De Wynter from destroying the world with a weather-controlling device

-Ralph Fiennes: John Steed
-Uma Thurman: Emma Peel
-Sean Connery: Sir August de Wynter
-Patrick Macnee: Invisible Jones
-Jim Broadbent: Mother
-Fiona Shaw: Father
-Eddie Izzard: Bailey
-Eileen Atkins: Alice
-John Wood:Trubshaw
-Camen Ejogo: Brenda
-Keeley Hawes: Tamara
-Shaun Ryder: Donovan
-Nicholas Woodeson: Dr. Darling
-Michael Godley: Butler
-Richard Lumsden: Boodle's Porter

Did You Know?
-Dr. Peel's clone was referred to as Bad Emma. This required Uma Thurman to wear darker makeup and amber contact lenses
-Eddie Izzard's character only speaks once
-In one scene, where they must split up to follow teddy bears in the Winter Wonderland headquarters, Peel says "I'll take the high road" and Steed says "I'll take the low road". This is a reference to an 1841 Scottish folk song Loch Lomond
-Elizabeth Hurley was considered for the role of Emma Peel
-There are very many cars used in this movie. Bailey drives a black Mini Cooper with checkerboard design on the roof, Steed drives a 1928 Bentley, Emma drives an E-Type Jaguar, De Wynter drives a Rolls Royce, all of which are British manufactured cars
-In the movie, Sean Connery's character is the Chairman of BROLLY (British Royal Organization for Lasting Liquid Years). Their logo is a multi-colored umbrella. "Brolly" is British slang for an umbrella
-Invisible Jones is voiced by Patrick Macnee, who originally played John Steed

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