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Friday, August 24, 2012

Across the Pond...

Over the years, I've heard the expression "Across the pond" used so many times I can make your head spin. When I was younger, I was always curious as to what this expression meant. So I asked my dad and he never really responded. I ask him years later what that saying meant because he said it and he said that it meant over in England. I won't tell you exactly what he called England, but if you're English and reading this, it was not a compliment what he said. So this post will show some stuff about this little country in the UK which has given us good music, good TV and sexy guys with even sexier accents, lmao!!!! And to add, some of this stuff has also become increasingly popular in the US in years past

-Bad hygiene
-Not a stereotype, but true fact: British men have cute accents
-Big, yellow or bad teeth in general
-Heavy smokers/drinkers
-Snooty, stuck up
-Thinks they are better than Americans
-Obsessed with soccer
-Obsessed with the Queen
-Tight-fitting clothing
-Ride around on bicycles
-All live in London
-Very mouthy
-British men are gay
-Suave, romantic lovers
-High class accents
-Wears bowler hats
-Carries umbrellas
-Say things like "Pip pip, cheerio!"
-This one is not a stereotype, it seems to he stone cold truth. Women who might hear a British accent on an especially cute guy might fall head over heels for it and suddenly be turned on by it.
-That in movies, Brits will be butlers or gentlemen, that in Disney movies, the baddies all seem to possess an English accent

TV shows
-Top Gear

-Law and Order: UK
I still say my English teacher looks like him, which is hilarious. This actor is English and I have a teacher who teaches an English class and looks like him. Wow!!

-My Family

-David Bowie
-Judas Priest
-Def Leppard
-Dusty Springfield

-Petula Clark
-The Rolling Stones
-The Beatles
-The Who
-Bad Company

-Phil Collins
It's truly amazing what my stepdad gets me liking...

-The Spice Girls
"Hey Gerri, think that dress could be any shorter?"

-Rod Stewart
Nice hair there, Rod!

-Paul Bettany
-Emma Watson
-Rupert Grint
-Reshma Shetty
I knew she was English. That accent does not lie!
-Marianne-Jean Baptiste
She's pretty too!!
-Sophie Okonedo
She's pretty
-Emma Thompson
-Natasha Richardson
-Colin Firth

-Orlando Bloom
Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

-Michael Caine
Still my dad's favorite actor, no matter where my dad is

-Maggie Smith
OMG, I know the movie this image is from. A movie in 1969 called The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

-Cilla Black
If this is her now, whoa! She looks great!!

-Kate Winslet

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