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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Transporter

The Transporter
-Frank Martin is an ex-Special Forces operative living a quiet life in the French Mediterranean. He works as a mercenary "transporter" who moves things- human or other- from one place to another without asking alot of questions. He carries out his moving of goods in his BMW and adheres to a strict set of rules.
-Rule One: Never change the deal. Rule Two: No names. Rule Three: Never look in the package. One day, he gets hired by an American called "Wall Street" to make a delivery. As he's driving along, he notices the package start moving. So, violating his 3rd rule, he stops along a French highway and looks in the package. And the first thing he sees is a beautiful Asian woman, bound to a computer chair and gagged. As Wall Street learns what happened, he sends people after Frank and the woman, named Lai, to kill them. As the movie progresses, Frank learns that Chinese people from the Chinese mainland are being smuggled into France by Lai's father, to work in sweatshops for their citizenship.
-Jason Statham: Frank Martin
-Qi Shu: Lai
-Matt Schulze: Wall Street
-Francois Berleand: Inspector Tarconi
-Ric Young: Mr. Kwai

Did You Know?
-Jason Statham did most of his own stunts
-When Lai is looking at the pictures and comes to the one with the boy holding the monkey, the little boy in the photo is really Jason Statham
-The car Frank drives is a BMW 750i E38

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