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Monday, August 6, 2012

You'll Never Believe This!!!

Apparently, in honor of the Olympics in London or something, the people who make the "Now That's What I Call..." cds have inducted another one into their collection.

Now That's What I Call British. This CD has the Union Jack on front, and if you are unfamiliar with what this means, Union Jack is a nickname for the British flag. And the songs on it are all, not surprisingly, by British artists.
Track listing
  1. Song 2: The Blur
  2. Viva La Vida: Coldplay
  3. Creep: Radiohead
  4. You're Beautiful: James Blunt
  5. Dog Days Are Over: Florence + The Machine
  6. Foundations: Kate Nash
  7. Rehab: Amy Winehouse(Exactly where she belongs!)
  8. Smile: Lily Allen
  9. Pocket Full of Sunshine: Natasha Bedingfield. I figured she was British
  10. Soldier of Love: Sade
  11. Bleeding Love: Leona Lewis
  12. Heaven: Emile Sande
  13. Gald You Came: The Wanted
  14. Feel So Close: Calvin Harris
  15. Dynamite: Taio Cruz
  16. Written in the Stars: Tinie Tempah
  17. Domino: Jessie J
  18. Feel Good Inc: Gorillaz
As far as my opinion goes, the only song on there I like is Pocket Full of Sunshine and Viva La Vida. I've heard Domino by Jessie J get played so many times I can hear it in my sleep! On the TVs at work, I see her come on and one of my coworkers jokingly says "Oh goody, another British singer, I thought we had a whole buttload of them in the 1960s?" She says that in the nicest of ways, by the way

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