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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 13th Warrior

One of my favorite movies. Apparently this movie is what got my dad to respect Antonio Banderas as an actor

The 13th Warrior
-In 922 AD, a emissary is banished from his home. The outcast, who has become a sort of Nomad, comes across Norse warriors who ask for his help in battling mysterious creatures who destroy everything in their path.

-Eventually the emissary becomes one of them, fighting as they do and also he must battle personal fears and help the Norse Vikings fight these mysterious creatures who destroy everything and come under the cover of night.

-Antonio Banderas: Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
-Vladimir Kulich: Buliwyf
-Dennis Storhoi: Herger-Joyous
-Clive Russell: Helfdane-Fat
-Richard Bremmer: Skeld- Superstitious
-Tony Curran: Weath- Musician
-Eric Avari: Caravan Leader
-Omar Sharif: Melchisidek

Did You Know?
-Loosely based on the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf

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