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Friday, August 24, 2012

Air Force One

Air Force One
-The President of the United States is in Moscow to give a speech about a new "Zero Tolerance" respect to terrorists policy. On the way home, Russian terrorists hijack the plane and take the President's wife and daughter hostage until their demands are met. They demand the release of a Russian political prisoner and until he is released, the terrorists will kill a hostage every half hour. But they do not realize that the President was once a Medal of Honor winner, so he is a soldier. So he decides to take down the terrorists by being stealthy and using his wits and Armed Forces skills

-Harrison Ford: President James Marshall
-Gary Oldman: Ivan Korshunov
-Glenn Close: Vice President Kathryn Bennett
-Wendy Crewson: Grace Marshall
-Liesel Matthews: Alice Marshall
-Paul Guilfoyle: Chief of Staff Lloyd 'Shep' Shepherd
-Xander Berkley: Secret Service Agent Gibbs
-William H. Macy: Major Caldwell
-Jurgen Prochnow: Gen. Ivan Radek

Did You Know?
-In the beginning of the movie, when Valera gives hi thumbprint for a background check, the date of birth for him is 3/21/58. This is actor Gary Oldman's real birthday

-The plane used was one of two Boeing 747-200s. The crew rented it and repainted it to look like a Boeing 747-146, which originally belonged to Japan Air Lines
-During the filming of the fight scenes, Gary Oldman told Harrison Ford to actually hit him

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