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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-In a world where both mutants and humans live together, lives Marie D'Ancato, who lives in Meridian, Mississippi. She is better known as Rogue, who can absorb, temporarily, the life of humans and powers or a mutant. She runs away after she nearly killed her boyfriend just by kissing him.

-She runs into Logan, an ex-military mutant known as Wolverine, because of his ability to extend claws made of a rare metal called Adamantium. Meanwhile in New York, a man named Professor Charles Xavier runs a school for mutants so they can learn to handle their powers defensively. And in other news, a senator is planning on forcing mutants to come forward and address the world that they are mutants. This forces Eric Lensherr, aka Magneto, a former concentration camp internee, to stop him.

-Hugh Jackman: Logan/Wolverine
-Anna Paquin: Marie/Rogue
-Patrick Stewart: Professor Charles Xavier
-Ian McKellen: Eric Lensherr/Magneto
-Famke Jansen: Jean Grey
-James Marsden: Scott Summers/Cyclops
-Halle Berry: Ororo Munroe/Storm
-Tyler Mane: Sabretooth
-Ray Park: Toad
-Rebecca Romjin: Mystique
-Bruce Davison: Senator Kelly

Did You Know?
-Russell Crowe was Bryan Singer's original choice for Wolverine. Then he cast a relatively unknown actor from Australia named Hugh Jackman to play him. And now Jackman is known for the role because he could be serious, sarcastic or funny

-To help create Wolverine's berserke rage, Hugh Jackman took cold showers

X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In this one, you can actually see Hugh Jackman's bare behind. He has a nice one, lmao!!
-Rebecca Romjin's makeup for the character Mystique took 9 hours to apply

-There were 10 Wolverine costumes, all of them made of very thick leather and PVC so they could take a beating

-Hugh Jackman had to undergo special hand-to-hand combat training to learn how to use the Wolverine claws

-James Marsden, who is 6', had to wear platform shoes so he could appear taller than Hugh Jackman, who is 6'2''. During the scene where he is at the train station, he had to stand on an apple box to appear taller than the boys. And as a prank, actor Tyler Mane, who plays Sabretooth, set up an apple box in Marsden's trailer bathroom with a note saying "This is so you can reach the sink"

-The character Toad was supposed to be a hunchback, but was changed so as not to interfere with Ray Park's martial arts skills
-The sunglasses that Cyclops wears are Oakley "X-Metals" with ruby/quartz lenses. This is a throwback to the comics, where Cyclops can only wear sunglasses with ruby/quartz lenses so that they can absorb the energy from his eyes

-Patrick Stewart  nor Sir Ian McKellen knew how to play chess for the movie

-Bruce Davison, who plays Senator Kelly, was the first actor cast
-When Hugh Jackman jumped off the Statue of Liberty, his genitals got caught in the harness

He's got a cute backside

-This is the only film where Storm has her African accent from the comics

-The dog tags Wolverine wears are standard issue dogtags issued by the Canadian Military

-Sir Christopher Lee was a possible choice for the role of Magneto
-To celebrate her last day on set, Rebecca Romjin brought in a bottle of tequila. But because of the chemicals in her makeup, she threw up blue vomit all over Hugh Jackman
-In order to appropriately make Wolverine's claws, a silicone cast of Hugh Jackman's arm was made
-According to the Marvel comics, the character Wolverine is short, at 5'3''. Hugh Jackman is nearly a foot taller at 6'2''
-During the scene where Mystique and Wolverine are fighting, she kicks him in the groin and a metallic 'ping' sound is heard. This is a joke to Wolverine having 'balls of steel'
-There were real issues being reflected in here. Such as when Kelyl asks if mutants should be allowed to teach kids in school, which is a reflection of whether homosexual teachers should be allowed.

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  1. I love this movie too! :D One of the most underrated comic book movies in my opinion.