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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

My favorite one out of all of them. Tells you how Wolverine came to be! FYI, kids or parents for that matter might want to know there are occasional scenes of nudity in here. Specifically male nudity

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

-Logan and Victor Howlett were born over 200 years ago and suffered trauma together. Now they have each other to depend on. They are now fighters and killers, fighting in some of the bloodier wars of U.S. history. Elsewhere, in modern times, a colonel named William Stryker recruits them as commandos along with other mutants. When Logan quits the team and becomes a logger, he falls in love with a school teacher, and when he refuses to join the team, Stryker sends Victor after him.

-Hugh Jackman: Logan/Wolverine
-Liev Schreiber: Victor Creed/Sabretooth
-Danny Huston: Stryker John Wrath
-Lynn Collins: Kayla Silverfox
-Kevin Durand: Fred Dukes
-Dominic Monaghan: Chris Bradley/Bolt
-Taylor Kitsch: Remy LeBeau/Gambit
-Daniel Henney: Agent Zero
-Ryan Reynolds: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
-Tim Pocock: Scott Summers
-Julia Blake: Heather Hudson
-Max Cullen: Travis Hudson
-Michael James Olsen: Young Victor

Did You Know?
-Liev Schreiber was originally cast as Col. William Stryker, but wanted the role of Sabretooth. He said he found it more interesting

-Remy LeBeau's last name in French means handsome. In the comics, he was known for his good looks and charm
-William Stryker tells Wade Wilson (Deadpool) "If it wasn't for that mouth, you'd be the perfect soldier." In the comics, Deadpool was known as the "Merc with the Mouth"

-In here, Wolverine wears a brown/yellow biker jacket. In the comics, he wore a brown/yellow costume

-In James Howlett's bedroom, there is a picture of a wolverine. This suggests what happens later on.
-Karl Urban and Gerard Butler both auditioned for the role of Victor Creed, aka Sabretooth
-Gambit's character was inspired by the "Ultimate X-Men" comics, where he was a thief who carried a special staff and had a strong Southern Cajun accent

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