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Friday, August 31, 2012

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Birth Name: James Hugh Calum Laurie
DOB: June 11, 1959
Where: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Height: 6'2''

Spouse: Joanne Green(June 16, 1989-present) 3 kids

-Often plays upper class but dim-witted English characters
-His very fluent American accent on House M.D(2004)

-Bought an all black Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, This was a replica of the 1960s British model. He bought it in Los Angeles after getting the role of Dr. House. But he has always been a fan of motorcycles

-Broke the Guiness Book of World Records. He is both the highest paid actor on TV, earning as much as $400,000 per episode of House and also the most watched leading man on TV
-Fan of Fulham Football Club
-Best friends with Stephen Fry, who served as best man at his wedding to Joanne Green
-When Bryan Singer cast Hugh Laurie for the role of Gregory House, he didn't know that Laurie was British
-Good friends with his House co-star Robert Sean Leonard
-Stephen Fry is the godfather of his 3 kids
-Big Steve McQueen fan
-Has 3 kids: Charles, William and Rebecca Laurie
-Took up diving a few years ago
-Distinguished piano player

-Arthur Christmas: Steve (voice)

-Hop: E.B.'s dad (voice)

-The Simpsons: Roger. Episode Treehouse of Horror XXI

-Monsters vs. Aliens: Dr. Cockroach Ph.D.

-Street Kings: Captain James Biggs

-Stuart Little: Mr. Frederick Little

-Valiant: Gutsy

-Flight of the Phoenix: Ian

-Spice World: Poirot

-101 Dalmatians: Jasper

-The Young Ones: Lord Monty
-Black Adder II: Prince Ludwig/Simon Partridge

-Blackadder Goes Forth: Lt. The Honorable George Coulthurst St. Barleigh

-Sense and Sensibility: Mr. Palmer

-The Man in the Iron Mask: King's Advisor

-House M.D.: Gregory House. This show is pretty funny. He can be both mean and sarcastic at the same time and still be funny at it.

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