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Monday, August 13, 2012

Halloween II

Halloween II
-Jamie Lee Curtis: Laurie Strode
-Donald Pleasence: Dr. Sam Loomis
-Charles Cyphers: Sheriff Leigh Brackett
-Jeffrey Kramer: Graham
-Lance Guest: Jimmy
-Pamela Susan Shoop: Karen
-Gloria Gifford: Mrs. Alves
-Leo Rossi: Bud
-Tawny Moyer: Jill

-Starts off on the same night of Halloween as the first film. After being gunned down 6 times by Dr. Loomis, Michael Myers is now on the loose, looking for Laurie Strode, who is now in the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. The only ones who know about Michael is Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Brackett- whose daughter had been killed by him

-When Michael enters the hospital, he eliminates all staff in gruesome ways, because they would pose a threat to him.

Did You Know?
-Dana Carvey's movie debut. He can be seen getting instructions from a blonde reporter from in front of the Wallace house

-Since during the 1980s when Jamie Lee Curtis adopted a shorter haircut, she had to wear a wig that looked like her hair from the beginning

-The 17 year old who gets hit by the car and burned alive was supposed to be Michael Myers, but was really supposed to be Ben Tramer, the boy Laurie likes.
-Dick Warlock is the shortest actor to play Michael Myers. In order to make it work, he had to wear lifts to appear taller

-In the classroom, the word Samhain is written in blood on the chalkboard. This is an Irish holiday, a devil worshipping holiday

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