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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Enforcer

The Enforcer

-3 years after the "Death Squad" case, San Francisco is now being threatened with a radical group called the People's Revolutionary Strike Force. They demand a ransom or they'll blow the city sky high. Then Harry is partnered with a new officer, a female officer named Kate Moore, who, in suit and high heels, in unlikely to catch a suspect that way. Most of her police experience has been in Human Resources

-Clint Eastwood: Harry Callahan
-Tyne Daly: Kate Moore
-Harry Guardino: Lt. Bressler
-Bradford Dillman: Capt. McKay
-John Mitchun: DiGiorgio
-DeVeren Bookwalter: Bobby Maxwell
-John Crawford: The Mayor
-Samanth Doane: Wanda
-M.G. Kelly: Father John

Did You Know?
-The two militant groups in the movie: Uhuru and the People's Revolutionary Strike Force- were modeled after real life militant groups, the Black Panther Party and the Symbionese Liberation Army, who kidnapped actress Patricia Hearst
-The movie features 2 real life DJ's, Terence McGovern and M.G. Kelly

-During the scene at Candlestick Park, the Giants are playing the Cincinnati Reds
-When Harry meets the leader of Uhuru, Mustapha, he asks "Where do I know you from?" The actor who played him, Albert Popwell, played the black bank robber from the first movie.

-Actor Stan Richie, who played the drawbridge operator, had to actually learn to operate a drawbridge

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